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Hello, I am Steven Maloney. I am a Web Developer obtaining a career in Web Management. I enjoy working with PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and dynamic driven websites. I am also fluent in Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, MySQL, most common browsers and content database systems such as WordPress. Previous projects include Yard n Gard, Inwood Sales and Knox Harvest Festival. You can view more of my work in my . Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Web Packages

Web Packages


There is no guarantee your host will not go down. In the tragic event it was to go down and lose files, you would be responsible for having backups. With the Handle My Hosting package I will configure, organize, and backup your files on a monthly basis.

They key to making an impact on the web is staying updated. With the Updates & Maintenance service I will update your files, optimize your photos, stress test your site against many validators, along with many other great features. Your site will be the talk of the town and it will be able to handle the load.

Are you an existing website owner? Prepare your site for the future with a web audit. My web audit will review your entire site for seo, security, compatibility, and speed issues both past and present. The web audit service cost $160 and will take under a week to complete.

Computer on the fritz? Whether its repair, upgrades, virus removal, or just your typical clean up I have a solution for you. With over 8 years of experience and certified in Computer Information Systems I can help you get your machine in like new state. I charge a onetime fee of $80, additional cost will incur if parts are needed but I will get your approval first.